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Shipping is slower from Mountainair - Cavlon

Shipping is slower from Mountainair

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One of the disadvantages of moving our warehousing from Albuquerque to Mountainair Is that it adds at least a day to shipping time.  In Albuquerque, we were within a few miles of all the trucking terminals, FedEx terminal, Main Post Office, etc. We could get something to any one of these shipping services in a matter of minutes.  While we are now only 80 miles away, it means a 3 to 4 hour round trip which adds a day for just about everything including the post office.  LTL trucking can have even more delay as most carriers do not come this far from their terminal directly.  They send a local trucking company (RAC) to pick things up and bring them to their terminal in Albuquerque.  Depending on schedules, RAC may only come to Mountainair once a week.

RAC theoretically does pickups on Tuesday and Thursday.  This does not necessarily always happen though. We have had a truck show up within an hour or two of being scheduled and then other times it does not come for the better part of a week.

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