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Cavlon: February 2012 Archives

February 2012 Archives

Its Windy!!

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Last week our experimental wind generator setup survived a recorded peak gust of 75 miles per hour. This was from the anemometer on top the roof, not up by the wind turbine as the higher anemometer had been blown off and destroyed earlier (since replaced).  Other things around the place did not fare so well--a power line and tents we had covering some late move items.

We did start recording some volt and amp data last Saturday.  We have been recording wind data for a couple weeks but that is not directly correlated becuase the wireless wind sensing data is considerably delayed from real time.  We just got in some wired anemometers that should allow us to collect real time correlated wind speed later this week.  The goal is to be able to create wind versus power curves for different loads.

We continue to sort and organize both inside and outside inventory as we try to recover from the massive move we made last year.

At 9:42 this morning, we are seeing sustained wind of 20 and peak to nearly 40.  Its expected to increase through the day to as high as 70.

Wind Charges Forklift Battery

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We are experimenting with using the wind,  which we sometimes get a lot of, to charge our electric forklifts.  During a blustery afternoon and night a couple days ago, this setup took the forklift battery from 45% to 75% charge.  We are adding instrumentation so we can objectively analyze how practical this might me.


A Mountain View

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This is the view, looking Northwest from the west end of the office building.


Small Items Inventory Area Images

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Here are some images from the area where we keep listed small items inventory.


Yellow tags have listing information on them.



Rows of racks are labeled with regards to "room".  "Rooms" have related items.


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