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We moved inventory from 4 Albuquerque locations to a small industrial park setting just outside Mountainair in such a hurry we did not have time to do much organizing.  Now that we have moved, we are focused on organizing.  We now have seven smaller buidings rather than one really large one.  The 4 outside yards, miles apart in Albuquerque are replaced by about half a dozen outside locations here in the 39 Smith Road industrial park.  The challenge now is getting things sorted and organized by physical location. 

Half of one building is being used for office type space.  The other half has small hand carry type items on shelves, organized pretty much in the same manner we had them in 12 rooms in Albuquerque.  Another building stores items that are small or light enough to be rolled around.  These are primarily things that have wheels.  The main warehouse was once a basket ball gymnasium.  The high ceiling accommodates pallet racking for vertical storage and the floor is now concrete so we can run forklifts on it.  3 smaller buildings were originally shops and currently store machine tool type items but are not yet very organized inside. This is also were we test the more industrial type things.

The really big stuff is in the various outside lots.  Items that are sensitive to the environment are covered and tarped. We are currently organizing these areas while the weather is good (sunshine without a visible cloud right now) into areas for air compressors, environmental chambers, hydraulic power units, etc.

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