Jetting the MZ202 engine with dual Bing 54 carbs

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The Bing 54 carburetors on the MZ202 engine need to be jetted properly for the altitude and temperature the engine is to be used at.  Leon sends them out with 190's so they run a bit rich at sea level at standard temperature to be sure they don't get cooked running too lean.  Roger says he has gone to 155's running at 5800 feet and is still a little rich.  Leon says the engine in his seaplane is running 180's at sea level and he is just moving the needle setting back and forth between winter and summer (in his rather mild climate).  He detects a "tic" in his engine at cruise power if he is too rich.  Otherwise, one looks at the spark plugs to see how clean they are.  I anticipate I will need 150's at my altitude and will probably have to change jets with the season due to the more extreme temperature variations here.

I have ordered sets from 145 to 160 which I think will cover the range I need unless I move to lower altitude.

I put in the 160's and did only a short run when the belt drive came loose.  Need to check carb synchronization when I get the other issues resolved.

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