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From Fuel Towers to Dental Chairs: CAVLON Set Dressing

CAVLON started out as a reseller of industrial and government equipment, large and small, and we've built up an amazing collection. It's difficult to convey specifically what or how much we have, but when the film "Terminator Salvation" used us for a large portion of their set decorations for several months of filming, on several sets, they didn't put a dent in our inventory.

CAVLON's School Campus and Yard Locations

Cavlon owns the former New Mexico Job Corps training campus, a large former school complex approximately 40 acres south of Albuquerque in the Manzano Mountains. It's bordered on two sides by paved roads, and on two sides by U.S. Forest Service land. The site includes a wide variety of building types and also remote areas where human improvements aren't visible.

Cavlon also has shops and storage yards filled with machine tools, equipment, semi-trailers, etc. that sometimes make great ready-made locations.

For an overview of what we have, please take a look at our brochure or a short slideshow.

For more pictures, take a look at some samples of our equipment inventory, some of our vehicles, and some of our trailer collection.