Broken Airborne RedBack 503 2-place Trike

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This craft came from Australia with a 17.5 Wizard 3 wing.  It is intended as a trainer although the 50 hp 503 engine is a bit weak for our 6500 foot elevation.  It was originally purchased and used as a trainer by Richard Hastings.  At about 120 hours, he replaced the Wizard 3 wing with a small fast wing.  He had not gotten the optional steering damper.   The higher speed landing resulted in severe nose wheel shimmy that ended in loss of control and a roll over of the trike.  The new wing got torn up. The mast mount adapter bent. The propeller shattered. The left mast support wire broke.  The top plate the holds the mast broke and the bottom one bent.  The left trailing landing gear strut bent.  The left passenger foot rest broke.

Parts are still available from the factory--about $3000 worth.



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