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After I managed to break some fins on the monolithic block machined cooling fan, I got a replacement flywheel assembly from Compact Radial Engines.  A special pulled was loaned as well. The Fan and flywheel and alternator magnets come as one assembled per-balanced unit. Leon there made very clear he did not want me to remove and replace until he talked to me while I had the parts in hand.  However, when I got the parts and called, he was out of the country.  After calling a number of times, the staff told me to stop calling and they would make sure he called when he got back.  It has been months and I never heard anything so I assumed he had died before getting back.  Finally a week ago, I got a call from his office wanting to know why they had not gotten the return parts back.  Not much comment after I explained how they had not followed through from their end. 

Mid day yesterday I got a call from Leon.  Once I got to the warehouse where the gyro is, I found the necessary tools and called him back.  It only took a few minutes for me to change it while he was on the phone.  The only thing I would not have done is put rope in the cylinder chamber via a spark-plug hole so the piston had something soft to block against while torquing the main nut back to about 53 foot pounds.

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